Archives and Records

The archives section is a department of the library made up of two units: the Archives unit and the Records Management unit. The archive identifies preserves and provides access to those records that document the history of Omaheke region and Namibia at large. The material from the archives is not to be issued out but maybe consulted in the reading room for research purposes only. Photocopies of certain material are permitted.  The Records Management unit ensures adherence to the [name of and year of] Act.  This is done by supervising of records management in the entire government, including local government and parastatals.

Support Services

  • Select, accumulate, and preserve archival items
  • Make archival materials accessible
  • Answer queries concerning archival materials
  • Ensure that documents of value are not lost
  • Offer a repository for government records, charts, maps and other documents of significance

Collections & Resources

  • Archival photo collections
  • Omaheke region in the media
  • Local history
  • Other resources related to education,
  • health, and
  • commerce

Records Management

  • Supervises and inspects registries in the region
  • Develops filling systems and ensures their implementation and maintenance
  • Conducts records management training for records clerks, registry personnel and records managers
  • Promotes awareness of the overall importance of sound record management practice